Danish imams gather for emergency meeting

Worship leaders discussed a common strategy regarding the new Danish TV series ‘Mosques behind the veil’

Around 20 Danish imams gathered on Wednesday afternoon for an emergency meeting to discuss how to best respond to accusations made in a new TV2 documentary series that exposes what goes on in Danish mosques behind closed doors.

On Monday, the TV channel released a few clips from the series ‘Moskeerne bag sløret’ (‘Mosques behind the veil’), which showed Imam Abu Bilal from the Grimhøj mosque in Aarhus teaching women that floggings and stonings are appropriate punishments for infidelity, according to Sharia Law.

In response to media criticism, the Islamic culture centre in Copenhagen invited all Muslim worship leaders in Denmark to a round table to discuss a common approach regarding the claims made in the documentary series.

TV2 only reports the bad things,” Oussama ElSaadi, the head of the controversial mosque in Aarhus, told DR.

Abu Bilal says some good things about Denmark, which they chose not to translate. People who are there [in the series] did not get a chance to explain themselves.”