Denmark voices frustration over idle EU Commission in dangerous chemical issue

EU environmental ministers want joint EU criteria for endorine disrupters now

The Danish food, agriculture and environmental minister Esben Lunde Larsen and a number of other EU environmental ministers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the EU Commission regarding mutual EU criteria for endocrine disrupters.

The ministers have blasted the commission for not having passed legislation for joint EU criteria for endocrine disrupters despite the EU Court of Justice deciding it should do so in December.

“If the EU Commission wanted to, we could pass mutual criteria for endocrine disrupters today,” said Larsen.

“I hope the commissioner has comprehended the clear message we have delivered today. We need to act now in order to protect our health and that of future generations from sustaining permanent damage – every day counts!”

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Hormonal impact
The EU Commission has stated it wouldn’t come with any criteria until this summer, despite the EU Court of Justice ruling in December stating that the case should no longer be delayed.

Endocrine disrupters are chemicals that can negatively influence the hormonal system in mammals and cause tumours, birth defects and other disorders.

Denmark revealed a new recommendation limit (here in Danish) for the use of the endocrine disrupter fluorocarbons in food packaging such as baking paper, pizza boxes and food wrapping.