MobilePay mugger makes life easy for police

Perpetrator left his telephone number and bank account details at the scene of the crime

Århus Stiftstidene reports that on Friday night an 18-year-old man in Aarhus was held at knifepoint and forced to transfer 500 kroner to his attacker via the mobile payment service MobilePay, resulting in a remarkably traceable mugging.

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Stig Heidemann, the duty officer at East Jutland Police, described the crime as “a high calibre own goal”.

“We have both his account number and his mobile number, so it will be easy to solve,” Heidemann said.

The police have nevertheless released details of the offender as part of their investigation. The apparently short-sighted assailant is described as an 18-20-year-old male of Somali appearance, about 180 cm tall, with short frizzy hair.