Danish companies getting a foothold in Serbia

Business club in Belgrade to open doors in the Balkan nation

The Danish embassy in Serbia has established the Danish Business Club to function as a networking platform for Danish companies interested in the Serbian market.

The initiative, which was concocted in collaboration with the national trade council Eksportrådet, was founded in late February in Belgrade.

“Trade between Denmark and Serbia is increasing, Danish companies have established production in Serbia, Serbia’s EU accession process is advancing, and related economic reforms are improving the business environment that provides a basis for growth in the coming years,” Eksportrådet wrote.

“Based on this background and given the increased interest from the Danish business sector, both in exports and new investments, the embassy decided to launch the business club.”

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Opening doors
The club will assist Danish companies in gaining access to the relevant decision-makers in the public and private business sectors in Serbia. Companies interested in the Bosnian and Montenegrin markets also have the club in Belgrade at their disposal.

Danish Business Club in Serbia is the fourth of its kind in the regional arena of central Europe and the Balkan region. The embassies in Budapest, Bucharest and Prague have similar clubs.

Current members of the business club in Belgrade are AVK, Carlsberg, Danfoss, DSV, Ergomade, Grundfos, Healthcare Europe, Niras, Novo Nordisk, Rockwool and Velux.

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