Fewer Danes travelling to Turkey

Despite significantly reduced prices in hotels, tourists fear potential terror attacks

Fewer Danes are booking holidays in Turkey this year, according to figures from Danish travel agencies.

Usually some 250,000 to 275,000 Danish tourists visit the Mediterranean country every year, but in 2016 the travel industry expects only 200,000 people to travel there.

Trend in the Nordics
“We have sold half of what we sold last year in the same period,” Glenn Bisgaard, the communications director at Apollo Tours, told takeoff.dk.

“And it is not only in Denmark. The travel industry across the Nordic region is currently experiencing an overall decrease of 40 percent.”

Fear of terrorism
According to Finans, the significant decline in interest is down to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, which have increased the risk of terror attacks in Turkey.

A YouGov survey carried out for Skov Rejser has revealed that 54 percent of Danes would not choose to go on holidays to a place where the risk of a terror attack is high.

Meanwhile, Turkish hotel owners have markedly reduced their prices in an attempt to attract more tourists.

The Danish Foreign Ministry only advises travellers to keep away from the Turkish border with Syria.