Spring weather bringing warmth to Denmark

Temperatures could reach double figures this weekend

It might be time to begin packing away the heavy winter garments this week as a touch of spring descends upon Denmark.

According to the national meteorologist DMI, the cold Danish winter could finally be on the wane with temperatures possibly even reaching double figures for the first time in months.

“Milder weather is in sight and it will get progressively warmer during the week,” Mette Wagner, a DMI meteorologist said according to Metroxpress newspaper.

“By the end of the week and over the weekend I can imagine that we will even approach double-digit temperatures.”

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A retreat of winter?
Wagner said the warmer weather is due to a high pressure system making way for warm air pushing up from the south.

Temperatures are expected to rise to 7 degrees on Thursday and perhaps to 9 degrees on Friday. Furthermore, the freezing temperatures at night will also disappear for a spell.

Despite the warm tidings from DMI, the warm spell doesn’t necessarily mean an end to winter, although the wind speeds will be uncharacteristically low as well over the next week.

“It’s tough to say if it’s a sign that spring is here,” said Wagner. “We have had cold snaps in February and at the beginning of March.”