Historic terror trial underway in Copenhagen today

Four young men stand accused of helping in deadly attack

Over a year after the terror attack left two dead and several people injured, the Copenhagen terror trial is finally set to begin today.

Four young men are charged with assisting the attacker Omar el-Hussein in his deadly strike on the Great Synagogue on Krystalgade after his initial attack on Krudttønden theatre in Østerbro.

The four men – LE (aged 20), IA (aged 18), BH aged 24 and MR (aged 31) – have been held in remand for over a year.

The City Court has set aside around 30 court days spread over seven months for a trial in which the two central questions will be: Did they help el-Hussein? And if so, was it a breach of the terror law, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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Pleading innocent
The prosecution claims the four met with el-Hussein on February 14 at 16:30, before his attack on the synagogue, and supplied him with a hoodie and a shoulder bag that he carried during the attack.

They also stand accused of providing el-Hussein with access to a computer and giving him ammunition that he used during the attack. The police also believe that they encouraged el-Hussein to commit his second attack.

Furthermore, BH and LE are accused of getting rid of the M/95 rifle el-Hussein used in the attack on Krudttønden, while MR was found in possession of the same kinds of bullets used during the attacks.

All four men have pleaded not-guilty in the case, which is scheduled to last until the end of September.

For a long time, the media reported that five men faced charges. A 18-year-old man was also held in remand for 11 months, but was released after the authorities dropped the charges against him.