Kerry praises Denmark’s efforts against IS

Danes are “punching above their weight”

The US secretary of defence, John Kerry, yesterday praised Denmark for its efforts in the coalition battle against the jihadist organisation Islamic State (IS).

In connection with the visit to Washington by its foreign minister, Kristian Jensen, Kerry said that Denmark was “punching above its weight” – a familiar compliment paid to the country during the Obama administration.

“I want to thank Prime Minister Rasmussen [Lars Løkke] for his government’s decision to contribute additional support in the fight against Daesh [IS],” said Kerry.

“Here is an area where Denmark really makes a difference.”

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Heading to Syria
Last week, a majority in Parliament approved a government proposal to send Danish F-16 fighter jets, a transport aircraft and a team of special forces to fight IS in Syria.

Aside from meeting Kerry, Jensen also met with former Republican presidential candidate John McCain and gave a presentation regarding foreign policy at the German Marshall Fund.