Give Yourself a Chance: Carving your way into Denmark

Have you ever heard of the term ‘social selling’? According to its practitioners, it’s a new way of selling that doesn’t need you to work ‘in sales’ or to be a sales expert. Your main focus could be human resources or accounting, but you can still socially sell.

Either way, social selling is here to stay and it’s the best and easiest way to position yourself professionally in Denmark (or whatever country you may live in).

Gateway to the person
So, after sending 300+ job applications once I got my visa in Denmark, I finally came to realise that before sending out any applications, I was checking ALL the companies I theoretically wanted to apply for on LinkedIn. So after striking my head against some hard walls, it was time to change my strategy.

First off, to paraphrase an old saying: It’s not enough to be good, it has to look good. So make sure your profile picture on LinkedIn looks good. I’m not saying you have to look like a top model, but looking professional surely makes a difference.

Put your picture on where people will vote anonymously about what they think. It enables you to evaluate how competent, likeable or influential other people find you. I tested it, and the difference in results is amazing.

Connect and engage
Whilst building your personal brand, it’s important to contribute. When I moved here, I had no idea where to start. Perhaps you know better.

Choose a sector you like and start connecting with professionals you would like to work with (either as a work peer, or as a service provider), but don’t be salesy. Start participating in the LinkedIn groups where these professionals participate. Share contributions, insights and comments.

Think outside of the box
Don’t do what hundreds of other people like yourself are doing. Everyone will be applying for the same jobs as you, using the same old traditional tactics.

Building your personal brand on LinkedIn might take some time (and it’s a neverending task), but if you apply some of the tactics I have just shared, you will be able to become a lot more valuable, regardless of your work field.