Taxpayers eager to get an early glimpse of their tax statement

SKAT opened the login system early to test it before the official release on Monday

Tomorrow the tax authority SKAT officially releases the 2015 tax statements, which tell taxpayers if they have outstanding tax to pay or can expect a refund for overpayment. But it has been possible since Friday to access the system, and by Sunday afternoon more than 1.7 million people had taken the opportunity to have a sneak peek.

“See your tax statement now. The system is being tested until Monday,” SKAT wrote on Twitter on Friday.

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Long waiting time
This news triggered a rush to SKAT’s website, resulting in waiting times of more than four hours at some points during the weekend. On Saturday afternoon SKAT tweeted that there had been 659,496 logins and 1,022,036 views of tax statements. By Sunday afternoon this was updated to 1,777,017 logins and 2,661,835 views.

A total of 4.4 million people in Denmark have a tax statement waiting for them. The statements are based on taxpayers’ self-assessments and 200 million pieces of data received from banks, employers and pension companies. SKAT claims that the Danish personal taxation system has one of the highest rates of automatisation and digitalisation in the world.

Taxpayers also have an obligation to check their tax statement and correct any erroneous information.