Danes push EU commissioner on energy union

Energy association highlights Danish energy export problems

Miguel Arias Cañete, the EU commissioner for energy and climate, was in Denmark last week to meet with Lars Christian Lilleholt, the energy and climate minister, and representatives from the Danish energy sector. High on the agenda was the energy union strategy, which the EU adopted last year.

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The Danish energy association Dansk Energi reports that its CEO Lars Aagaard took the opportunity to highlight the challenges that the sector currently faces in exporting electricity to other European countries.

“The Nordic Region is ready as a power plant, that can deliver cheap power from wind and hydropower to the European continent. But we experience again and again that the electricity motorway going south is blocked at the German border,” he said.

“That goes against all intentions of a free market for energy. I therefore used the opportunity to once again encourage the commission to take action.”

One significant project that could play a major role in Denmark’s integration with other European energy markets is the so-called Viking Link – a proposed high voltage direct current interconnector between Jutland and the UK – which is currently being considered by the Danish and British energy sectors.

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