Denmark has one of the world’s best energy systems

Danes ranks fifth on Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016

According to the latest Global Energy Architecture Performance Index Report 2016 (EAPI), Denmark ranks in the top 5 in the world when it comes to national energy systems.

The index (here in English), released by the World Economic Forum, placed Denmark fifth behind top-ranked Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and France. Denmark jumped two spots compared to last year, when it was ranked seventh.

“Denmark can play along with the big boys of energy, even if we don’t have huge water-power resources like the nations we usually rank among,” said Lars Aagaard, the head of energy interest organisation Dansk Energi.

“The energy sector’s ability to promote new, effective and innovative energy solutions, combined with a long-term energy policy, means we can now enjoy green and safe energy at increasingly competitive prices.”

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Bahrain at the bottom
The EAPI ranked 126th of the world’s nations based on how 18 indicators conveyed how efficient a nation’s energy system provides energy security and sustainability and contributes to the financial welfare of a country.

Austria, Spain, Colombia, New Zealand and Uruguay completed the top 10 on the index, while Bahrain, Lebanon, Yemen and Haiti were struggling at the bottom of the list.

Other notables included Finland (12), the UK (16), Germany (24), Brazil (25), Canada (30), the USA (48), Russia (52), Australia (53), India (90) and China (94).