Nordea-fonden donation accelerates Amager nature park project in Copenhagen

Charitable gift makes it possible to start work on visitor facilities at entrances

Copenhagen has come one step closer to realising the dream of a huge city nature park in Amager, covering an area of 3,500 hectares, ten times the size of New York’s Central Park, thanks to a 55 million kroner donation from the charitable fund Nordea-fonden.

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The project, which will combine the existing nature areas on Amager into one attraction, aims to enhance the quality of life for Copenhageners and increase visitor numbers. The area currently receives only 1 million visitors a year, compared to the 7 million who annually visit the Dyrehaven park north of Copenhagen.

Overlooked gem
Mogens Hugo, the chairman of Nordea-fonden, is enthusiastic about the project’s potential.

“The area is something of an overlooked nature gem, which we now want to transform into the city dwellers’ green and recreational breathing space,” he said.

“We are proud to be able to support Amager Nature Park because we believe that it will create new life and, hopefully much better life, for city dwellers. The stage is set for many new and exciting experiences in nature, which are so near that they are actually just outside the city’s front door.”

The donation will be used for the creation of entrances to the park, which will provide visitor services and facilities.

Frank Jensen, the lord mayor of Copenhagen, welcomes the donation.

“I am incredibly pleased with the large gift Copenhagen has received from Nordea-fonden. The nature park will be for the benefit of all Copenhageners and the city’s tourists. It will strengthen the opportunity to have an active outdoor life close to the city and will become a strong landmark for a green Copenhagen,” he said.