Recreational fishing in Denmark receives 40 million kroner boost

New action plan aims to ensure fish stocks in the country’s waterways

The Environment and Food Ministry has earmarked 40 million kroner for recreational fishing in Denmark and announced an action plan, which includes funding for research into ensuring future fish stocks and restoring waterways.

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The money comes from income from recreational fishing, and the action plan has been developed in co-operation with a number of associations of enthusiasts.

“With just over 40 million kroner we are making a solid effort for fish stocks and the water environment. We are also providing good conditions for recreational fishing, which is a hobby for a lot of Danes and also attracts thousands of tourists each year,” said Esben Lunde Larsen, the environment and food minister.

“At the same time, with this year’s action plan, we are ensuring new knowledge about how we can get more fish in the waterways, without it being necessary to supplement them by putting more fish out.”