Gymnasium headteachers favour higher grade point averages for enrolling students

General consensus would like to see the average rise from 02 to 4 … at least

Danish gymnasium headteachers are ready to demand a higher grade point average from upper-secondary students wanting to enroll, reports Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

Pupils currently require a grade point average of 02 (the equivalent of an ‘E’ in Britain), and the principals are concerned that students with a grade average of below 4 (a ‘D’ on the British scale) struggle with the general curriculum.

Is the system too accepting?
The headteachers’ stance has led to a public debate questioning whether or not the Danish education system is demanding too little of the students.

Experts question if the education system is acceptable compared to, for example, the one in Britain, which requires students to have a minimum of five Cs (five Danish 7s) in order to take A-levels.