This Week’s Editorial: Easter for everybody

Easter remains a Christian holiday. The story of Jesus 2000 years ago is still a major event to remember. In Denmark, though, it is for most people more of a secular event that indicates winter is over and springtime is here.

Sun rises in Easter
Easter is arranged according to the lunar calendar. It takes place on the Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox on March 20. That means that some years it snows and others that Tivoli opens.
In much the same way that Christmas marks the shortest day more than anything else, we salute Easter for bringing days that are now longer than nights and birds engaging in reproduction activity.

Information providers
We salute our readers and followers. We at the CPH Post are very much aware we are in the information business – more than the news business. We do not aspire to be the first with the news – and particularly not the news outside Denmark. We do, however, try our best to provide you with comprehensive information about Danes and Denmark in English for those who do not understand Danish.

Living in a modern society, everything is your business. In a democracy we all interact, and our security and welfare depend on mutual respect and understanding.

Such an understanding depends on information, and for internationals, a lot of that information is available in English, but difficult to find.

Where are the international schools, how can I buy a house or find a new job? Where can I find cultural events that do not require an understanding of Danish or sports for participation or viewing? It is our aim to service our community in this respect. We are in the information business.

More products than ever
You are sitting with a copy of our Weekly Post, now in its 19th year. At you will find a department store of news and information that attracts 200,000 unique visitors per month from all over the world – many more when a giraffe is killed at the zoo.

If you need information, we will provide it – with all the relevant background. WWW makes our news coverage almost real-time. On top of that we are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and issuing a daily newsletter, the Daily Post, with several thousand recipients – the 9 am news, short and relevant. Our apps will soon be available on Google Play and iStore. Everybody has a smartphone and we are accordingly adapting our products to it.

Diverse like you
Our staff are a mix of Christian, Hindu, Muslim and whatnot, and lots of different nationalities, all burning to fulfil the task of being of service to our readership.
Over the week of Easter, we will not be publishing a print edition – our next edition of the Weekly Post will hit the streets on April 1, complete with our monthly guide to that month’s events. In the meantime, stay update via our website on breaking news relevant to Denmark and your lives while you are living and working here.

Happy Easter! (ES)