Copenhagen Airport reveals parking expansion plans

Influx of travellers coming by car played a major role

The increased number of passengers travelling through Copenhagen Airport can look forward to more parking options in the future.

During 2016, the airport is planning to add a new parking area that includes 1,000 parking spots. The new parking area will be named P19 and will be located next to current parking areas P15 and P17 on Kystvejen just east of the airport.

“Over the past months we’ve experienced a large increase in the number of Swedes parking,” Kasper Hyllested, the head of communications at Copenhagen Airport, told

“It’s in connection with the Swedish ID controls, which has led to more people taking the car over the Øresund Strait, rather than the trains.”

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A good walk
P19 will be a budget parking area, which means that customers will have to either walk a decent distance or take a shuttle bus.

The airport has about 12,000 parking spots from which it earns a considerable penny: almost 327 million kroner in 2015.