Unknown deadly drugs at large in parts of Denmark

Unknown substance behind the death of 21-year-old woman, warn police

A 21-year-old woman died on Saturday morning after consuming a dangerous drug that police in central Jutland say they have not seen before.

Mid and West Jutland Police warn that the deadly drugs are in circulation in Silkeborg.

“We are informing the public about dangerous drugs in circulation in Silkeborg,” police spokesperson Kjeld Nedergaard told TV2 East Jutland. “A 21-year-old woman has died; she was brought to the hospital from an address in Silkeborg on Saturday morning and died at 8:53 am.”

Synthetic killer
Another woman was also hospitalised after taking the drug, but she managed to survive.

“The deceased is not known in the drug community,” said Nedergaard. “The survivor told us that the drugs were purchased at an address in Silkeborg.”

Nedergaard said police have yet told determine the exact address where the drugs were purchased. He that the drugs were most likely synthetic and thus extremely dangerous.