Danish trucker putting youngsters behind the wheel

Program helps both companies pressed for drivers and kids looking for an alternative education

Poul Jørgensen, the chairman of the lorry driver’s union Vestjysk Vognmandsforening, believes that students who are perhaps not academically inclined may be the answer to a shortage of lorry drivers in Denmark.

Jørgensen said that his own hauling company, HV Transport in Herning, has had good experience in getting young people that have become weary of traditional education behind the wheel. He called it a “win/win”. He gets new drivers, and the young people get a second chance for an education.

“The young people that come to us make it through the school,” Jørgensen told DR Nyheder.

Help for students
Nikolaj Søndergaard disliked the long school day, and, he says, “I was not very good at it”, so getting a job as a driver for HV Transport was a good solution. “I am so much happier and things are much better.”

Jørgensen said getting young drivers trained as drivers is great for his company

“We will eventually wind up being short of drivers, so it is important to have people trained early,” he said.

A good life
Jørgensen said that the students also benefit from the training.

“They can earn a good life out of it,” he explained. “They earn a good salary and gain an education that they can use anywhere, not just with us.”

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Jorgensen hoped that other companies would follow his lead and that municipalities would pitch in to help young people earn an education.