Municipalities in Denmark look to develop joint mobile network

Aim is to improve coverage in remote areas

The 17 municipalities that make up Denmark’s Region Zealand are banding together to ask for a tender for mobile coverage and broadband service.

“Jutland has done the same with excellent results, and I I think we can do the same here,” Nicolai Nicolaisen, a member of the regional council, told DR Nyheder.

Strength in numbers
The plan is that when municipalities join forces on mobile and broadband contracts, they can make greater demands for coverage in remote areas.

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Zealand has already teamed up with 66 municipalities in Denmark fro better coverage on through a purchasing plan with national procurement service SKI. Region Zealand council chairman Jens Stenbæk believes that is the best way forward.

“So far, I think that is where we get the biggest discount and best coverage,” he said.