News in Brief: Bronze ‘Viking’ buckle found in Denmark pilfered from the UK

From religious icon to underwear pin

A gilt bronze buckle buried with a Viking woman 1,000 years ago in western Denmark probably originated in the British Isles. Researchers speculated that it was once a decoration on a religious box of some type before it was stolen, possibly by Vikings, and re-purposed as an elaborate buckle used to hold a Danish Viking woman’s petticoat together. The artefact is most likely Christian in origin and probably came from either Ireland or Scotland.


Danish ‘murder nurse’ said poverty the cause of deaths on her ward
Christina Hansen, a Danish nurse on trial for murdering three patients, told a court in Nykøbing last week that the high death rate on her ward was due to the poor background of many of the patients. Hansen was arrested last March after a colleague at a Nykøbing Falster hospital claimed to have found her standing over a patient with two syringes.


Romanian police ordered thefts in Denmark
A Romanian thief was working for his government when he stole construction equipment from Danish companies, according to a report in a legal trade journal. A Danish court ruled in 2013 that Romanian police ordered the thefts in an attempt to entrap Romanian criminals. The Danish authorities were apparently unaware of the plan, which is illegal under Danish law. The Danish authorities have asked Romanian police to return the stolen equipment, but thus far to no avail.


US editorial says Donald Trump wants to make America more like Denmark
According to Washington Post editorial writer Charles Lane, it is Donald Trump, not Bernie Sanders, whose proposed policies actually reflect the current state of affairs in Denmark. Lane wrote that Trump’s calls for “temporarily banning Muslims and walling off Mexico” bear “an eerie resemblance” to current Danish governmental policies. Lane said that Trump’s success in selling his populist ideas to his base may “portend ideological convergence between the US right’s and Europe’s”.