Police warning against bogus Anglo workmen

That nice Irishman or Englishman offering to fix your roof may be a crook

It might only be a handful, but a number of English-speaking workers, reportedly from Ireland and England, are busy giving their fellow countrymen a bad name in the suburbs of the capital.

Police are warning homeowners to be wary of anyone who knocks on their door and makes them an offer to carry out maintenance work at a dirt-cheap price.

An expensive bargain
The scam goes as follows: the workmen knock on the door offering to carry out work at what sounds like an excellent price. They claim they have just repaired something locally and that they couldn’t help noticing the need for some repair work.

The homeowner agrees to the work, and then the workman either delivers a shoddy job or demands more money than was agreed – sometimes both.

Copenhagen West Regional Police has received complaints from citizens in Rødovre, Hvidovre and Glostrup who claim they have been scammed.

“It is very important to evaluate and have a written arrangement before entering into agreements of this type,” Christian Jakobsen, a police commissioner at Copenhagen West Regional Police, told Jyllands Posten.

Buyer beware
Jakobsen said that homeowners should check out any company they are about to do business with online before offering up any cash.

“Ask yourself if an offer seems too good to be true,” he said.

Other red flags include the company not being registered in Denmark or not using a Danish bank. Furthermore, door-to-door sales and soliciting are illegal in Denmark (forbrug.dk).

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East Jutland Police are also warning that English and Irish craftsmen are knocking on doors offering phoney repairs and advise checking with neighbours to see if the workmen have actually done any work for them.