Free choice of TV channels could be more expensive for many customers

Major provider Stofa joins the free choice bandwagon

Cable provider Stofa has joined the wave of companies planning to allow customers to choose how many and which channels they want to pay for.

The move is supported by the consumer council Forbrugerrådet, which has long maintained that it is unfair for customers to pay for channels that they don’t watch.

John Strand, a telecom analyst, isn’t convinced that free choice will result in less expensive television for all consumers.

“Many will find that it is more expensive to order channels individually,” Strand told DR Nyheder. “This especially applies to households with families who need a variety of channels.”

Footy could get costly
Strand said that sports fans could be especially hard hit.

“The media companies that have the rights to things like major football events will spread them out over several channels, forcing a viewer to purchase a lot of channels,” he said.

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Stofa head Ole Fruekilde Madsen said that services like Netflix and TV2 Play have made it necessary to provide consumers with more autonomy.