Over-confident Danish thief busted by his own hubris

Cocky crook tried to break into the same house twice in the same day

A burglar in Odense was caught yesterday when he attempted to break into the same house twice.

The crook had broken into the home of an elderly woman earlier in the day  and absconded with a set of keys.

The woman noticed there had been intruders in her home, so she quickly had the locks changed.

When the burglar returned later in the day, not only did the keys not work, the woman’s neighbours heard him trying to break in and chased him through the neighbourhood until the police finally caught and arrested him at a local church.

Multiple charges
The man was subsequently charged with two local burglaries when police found he was carrying a set of keys to another house in the neighbourhood.

He was also charged with violating the arms act as he threatened a witness with a knife before he was arrested.

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The duty officer at Funen Police praised the neighbours for contacting them quickly.

“They were great and provided good information,” the officer told fyens.dk.