Political majority pulls support for new ‘super mosque’ in Aarhus

Revelations that some radical groups were behind the location causes Aarhus city council to backtrack

The Aarhus city council has decided to pull its support for a large mosque to be built in the Gellerup section of the Jutland city.

The council had earlier agreed that Forbundet af Islamiske Foreninger, the federation of Islamic associations would be allowed to build the large mosque, but revelations in the  TV2 documentary Moskéerne bag sløret, ‘Mosques behind the veil’ has caused the council to have a change of heart.

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“A breech of trust”
“We sympathise with the moderate Muslims who believe that radical forces are setting the agenda,” Socialistisk Folkeparti spokesman Peder Udengaard told stiften.dk. “But when TV2 documents that some of the associations part of the grand mosque have radical beliefs, there is a breech of trust.”

Aarhus mayor Jacob Bundsgaard announced earlier this month that he was dropping his support for the massive super mosque project that the city had already approved.

The hearing was being followed by several people, some of whom protested the change of heart by the council.

“It’s very unfortunate, for the mosque could have united people,” Fatina Maarouf, one of those protesting, told TV2.