New Danish website selects your perfect beer pairings

With over 200 craft beers on offer, Danes and tourists alike are often overawed with choice. So to help consumers, Expedia Denmark have created an online tool called Brewtopia that can be found here. This website promises to match any drinker with their perfect craft beer.

Have I got brews for you?
With a selection of 68 different craft beers taken from 18 Danish breweries, Brewtopia aims to make selecting your beverage a quick and easy process.

To do so, Brewtopia uses a number of filters: including hops, colour and your preferred flavour of malt. And after entering your choices, a list of beers perfect for your palate will appear.

As well as the selected beers, the website also suggests food combinations as well as the perfect glassware and a brief description of the breweries’ locations and histories. This helps turn your simple drink into an ‘experience’.

The Brewtopia website will continue to be updated as new beers or breweries enter the market, or if a brand ceases production.