Most expensive public transport prices in the world are in Copenhagen

On average, a single ticket costs over 30 kroner in the Danish capital

If you purchase a single ticket for a bus, train or the Metro in Copenhagen, you can rest assured that you’ve just paid the highest price in the world.

According to the analysis bureau Statistica, at an average price of 30.83 kroner, Copenhagen is by far the most expensive city to buy a single ticket for public transport. Only Stockholm (27.79 kroner) and London (26.84 kroner) come close.

“I don’t think that it means all that much in terms of attracting tourists,” Tina Seest, the head of sales and tourism in the Culture and Leisure department at Copenhagen Municipality, told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

“If they are on holiday, they are on holiday and there are other expenses they are more aware of.”

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Big Apple, small price
Seest contended that Copenhagen’s accessibility to cycling made it attractive to tourists, and she estimated every fourth tourist rides a bicycle whilst visiting the Danish capital.

The price list ranked Oslo and Zurich in fourth and fifth respectively, while New York was found to have the most affordable ticket prices at 18.31 kroner.