Two men arrested in connection with hazardous chemical discovered at Copenhagen dorm

The brown substance reportedly explodes when stepped on

A number of emergency vehicles made their way to Grønjordskollegiet in Amager on Saturday night after a hazardous chemical substance was found spread around a dorm.

Two men, aged 30 and 31, have been arrested after admitting responsibility. Nobody was injured by the substance.

Exploding substance
The brown substance, which was found smeared all over the dorm, including on the shoes of some of the residents, reportedly explodes when stepped on.

“We received messages from the dorm that they had found a brownish substance that had a chemical, ammonia-like odour,” Henrik Vedel from Copenhagen Police told DR.

“They’ve mixed some things together and stupidly messed around with it [the resulting substance],” said Vedel.

Though supposedly a prank, the men face jail time if they are found guilty as they have been charged with sections 252 and 192a of the penal code, which relate to reckless behaviour and the possession of explosive substances respectively.