Denmark’s controversial ‘Jewellery Law’ not yet used

Two months since the Danish police were authorised to confiscate refugees’ valuables, no jewellery has been seized

It has been two months since Parliament passed the highly controversial ‘Jewellery Law’ that issued the national police with guidelines to seize valuables above a certain value from refugees applying for asylum in Denmark.

However, according to the police federation Politiforbundet, the law has not yet been enforced so no valuables have been confiscated.

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I am not very surprised because I’ve always expected this would be a very small-scale issue for the police,” Claus Oxfeldt, the chairman of Politiforbundet, told TV2.

Only jewellery of unsentimental value
Denmark has received massively negative media coverage over the Jewellery Law, and the country’s reputation suffered considerable damage.

According to the law, the police must seize refugees’ valuables worth over 10,000 kroner to help finance their stay in Denmark – with the exception of phones, watches and jewellery with sentimental value.