Danish woman warns mothers of pins deliberately placed in prams

Her Facebook post has been shared over 500 times.

Mothers out on the town with their toddlers should thoroughly inspect their baby carriages before placing their children in them, warns Pernille Klein, 25, from Helsingør.

Prickly situation
Klien, who on Tuesday morning was out with her two-year old son, Tristan, for a doctor’s visit, made a shocking discovery just as she was about to put him back in his pram.

I saw something flashing in the pram so I put my hand down to feel what it was and then got stuck with a pin,” the horrified mother told Metroxpress.

She was soon convinced someone had placed it there deliberately.

“There was no sign at all that it could have fallen from the wall or anything like that. You could clearly see that there was someone who had put it there,” she said.

The mother has since warned others on Facebook, where her post has been shared over 500 times.

“I don’t know if it was a prank or whether it was some mentally-ill person. However, it’s certainly someone who does not have his head screwed on properly,” she noted.

A British mum whose son was harmed by pins while being changed in a public restroom made a similar post on Facebook that was shared over 100,000 times.