Government agrees to lower nitrogen levels

Esben Lunde Larsen has submitted to Konservative’s demands

The food and agriculture minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, has agreed to Konservative’s demands that nitrogen emission levels should be reduced in the coming years.

According to TV2 News, Larsen has announced that the funds needed for the reduction will be found in the forthcoming negotiations regarding a new nature package.

Søren Pape Poulsen, the head of Konservative, had previously demanded a 624-tonne nitrogen reduction for 2017-2018, but it is unsure whether Larsen will accommodate those figures.

“I won’t put a figure on the tonnage, number of instruments or financing – because funds are required,” Larsen told TV2.

“But I can say that Konservative’s demands will be met in terms of its wish that the package will include a reduction of nitrogen.”

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Controversial agri package
Larsen replaced Eva Kjer Hansen after she resigned following the scandal involving the contentious agriculture package that was approved earlier this year.

The new agricultural package has been heavily criticised by a number of opposition parties, which cite concerns that the agreement doesn’t have enough safeguards in place to protect the environment.