Popular Copenhagen meatery celebrating its first birthday

Customers get all the gifts at the Warpigs big birthday soiree this weekend

Those of the vegetarian or teetotal persuasions might want to give the brewpub Warpigs a pass this Saturday April 9, as the beer and meat lovers paradise located in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen is celebrating its one-year anniversary.

Warpigs will be offering up 1,000 beers and plates of roast suckling pig – all gratis – to those who turn up to join in the celebration.

Warpigs is jointly operated by Danish brewer Mikkeller and American beermaker Three Floyds. The 1,000 sqm restaurant has been an unqualified success during its first year, so the owners have decided to throw a party matching the one they had for their grand opening.

Piggy music
Along with free food and beer, there will be a DJ and magician at hand and, of course, live music.

Warpigs – which takes its name from a Black Sabbath song – will have both the Danish black metal band Satanic Assault Division and the Swedish acoustic metal trio Hellsongs licking out tunes.

One of the beers on offer is several different versions of Three Floyds’ legendary and exclusive beer ‘Dark Lord’.