‘Unbalanced’ armed man arrested in Sorø

The man was charged with the possession of weapons

A man described as ‘unbalanced’ by police, who on Wednesday morning barricaded himself in his apartment in Sorø, has now been placed under arrest, DR reports.

Bomb squad alerted
Police arrived at the apartment located on Østergade at 9.30 am after receiving calls from neighbours that a man had barricaded himself in his apartment and appeared to be in possession of weapons.

The police called in the bomb squad as a precautionary measure and advised people to stay away from Østergade until the situation was resolved.

“We do not think there are necessarily any explosives in the apartment, but we’re taking all necessary precautions,” Peter Compen from South Zealand Police told DR.

Charged with possession of weapon
Police forced their way into the apartment after the man refused to emerge despite hours of negotiation.

No bombs were found in the apartment, but the man was in possession of a gun and has been arrested on charges of illegally possessing weapons.

The 40-year-old man will now undergo a psychiatric evaluation, the police said in a statement.