Copenhagen Opera House to get three digit million kroner face-lift

Funds come at a good time for a struggling culture industry

The AP Møller Foundation has donated a huge sum believed to be worth hundreds of millions of kroner to propel the Copenhagen Opera House up into the upper echelons of world-class theatre.

The exact amount will remain a secret, but Morten Hesseldahl – the head of the Royal Danish Theatre, which operates the Opera House – told DR Nyheder the sum was “historic”.

“We are super happy and appreciative,” said Hesseldahl. “The donation is the largest total donation the Royal Danish Theatre has ever seen, and it comes at a good time when cuts are on the agenda.”

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Greener future
The funds will go a long way to helping the opera improve its green fingerprint.

Part of the serious financial dilemma facing the Royal Danish Theatre is down to the significant electricity and heating bills the Opera House generates.

Some of the donated funds have been earmarked for investments that aim to make the Opera House more energy-efficient.

More operas
According to Hesseldahl, the funds will help green-light more productions and also make the opera more affordable for young people.

As part of its recent budget agreement, the government imposed budget cuts on the Royal Danish Theatre to the tune of 50 million kroner over the next four years.