Local News in Brief: New lobster restaurant opening

A new restaurant is opening on Monday April 11 that specialises in lobster. Located on the sunny side of the Nyhavn harbour, the three founders of ‘Hummer’ – one of which is Michael Rønnebæk-Rørth, the owner of Restaurant Koefoed – have raised 5 million kroner for the venture, incorporating ideas learned on a tour of North America where such restaurants are common. While the drink of choice is champagne, the price range is middle-ranged.


Pant for pizza boxes a possibility
Following a successful pilot scheme at a 7-Eleven on Gothersgade in the city centre, where customers were encouraged to return pizza boxes to reclaim their ‘pant’ deposits, Copenhagen Municipality is ready to roll out a wider effort to cut down on rubbish in the capital. “When the city centre is cleaned, there are never bottles or cans in the bins due to the pant, and we want to do the same thing with certain types of rubbish,” explained Jon Pape, a manager at the city’s technical and environmental administration, to DR.


Smoking more in the city
One out of every five students at Copenhagen upper-secondary schools is a daily smoker, compared to one out of ten across the rest of the country. The capital’s gymnasium students are also twice more likely to smoke cannabis and take hard drugs, according to a survey of 5,000 youngsters by the National Institute of Public Health. Experts blamed the disparity on the bright city lights syndrome.