Out and about: Definitely whisky in this bar!

Renowned Scottish whisky expert Donald Colville recently brought his Nordic whisky tour to Copenhagen.

The tour celebrates one of Colville’s favourite distilleries, Lagavulin, which celebrates its 200th anniversary this year.

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“It is a whisky enjoyed by those who love deep, rich flavours,” enthused Colville. “People that enjoy red wine and steak will love Lagavulin.”

The event was also designed to promote new ways of drinking Scotch. As a highly protected product, revolutions in whisky are rare – in stark comparison to other spirits.

He encouraged storing a bottle of Dalwhinnie in the freezer before drinking – it is the highest distillery in Scotland – transporting the whisky back to its roots in the Highlands to create new flavours and a new experience.

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For Colville, his whisky of choice is certain. “My favourite whisky changes every day – every time I wake up my taste buds want something new,” he said.