Danes unsure how to approach the green transition

40 percent don’t know how to become more sustainable

Denmark may be among the top nations in the world when it comes to sustainability, green tech and reducing CO2 emissions, but its citizens seem to have been somewhat left in the dark.

A new Gallup survey for energy and fibre network company SEAS-NVE has revealed that while most Danes want to live a more climate-friendly life, few understand how to do so.

“Today, the task of communication is different – to make people more aware about the right initiatives and specific steps they can take to actively contribute to the green transition,” said Rikke Harbo Trikker, the head of communications for SEAS-NVE.

“The Gallup survey confirms that future consumers between 18 and 29 years of age actually want to live more sustainable and energy efficient lives than they do today.”

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Greenhorn greenies
The survey showed that 80 percent of Danes wanted to live a more sustainable and green existence than they currently do, but only about 40 percent knew what the green transition was all about.

The survey also disclosed that the most important reason that Danes had made a conscious effort to live greener over the past year was to protect the climate and environment. The second most popular reason was because it was the right thing to do, while the financial aspect was third.

SEAS-NVE recently created a new website, Grønforskel.dk, which offers specific advice and recommendations in terms of living a greener life (in Danish only).