Schools News in Brief: Concerns over youngsters’ nude seflies

The police and Save the Children have reported that a growing number of kids in Denmark – some as young as eight – are sharing nude photos and videos of themselves on the internet. Typically the photos are selfies taken in front of a bathroom mirror wearing underwear. The Association of School Headteachers says parents should give their kids more guidance on online acceptability.


Students using drugs
More university students are taking performance-enhancing drugs to cope with the requirements of the new school reforms that sets strict time limits on the completion of their studies. According to a survey carried out by Djøf, some 8 percent of its members used drugs during their studies. The number one choice was caffeine pills, while the ADHD treatment Ritalin was also popular.


Helping kids in Peru
Twelve students from Copenhagen International School (CIS) spent two weeks in Peru over Easter helping at centres for disabled and abused children. The program aims to cultivate the students’ sense of civic responsibility and strengthen the global community. The centres are financially supported by CIS program ‘Team Peru’ and run in co-operation with UK-based organisation Kiya Survivors.


The select network
A team of seven students from various Danish high schools reached the quarter-finals of a debating competition at Harvard University. Among the motions was ‘The United States should enter into a military alliance with Russia to stop the civil war in Syria’. Several team members won individual awards. The team is now preparing for the world schools debating championship in Stuttgart.


A quantum leap
Innovation Fund Denmark announced last week a historic investment of 80 million kroner that will be used to build a new Danish centre for quantum technology. The centre will be based at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and will co-operate with researchers from DTU and Aarhus University. Some 18 companies have already agreed to collaborate. It is scheduled to open in 2018.