Danish AC/DC fans demanding their money back

Axel Rose’s appointment as lead singer casting a shadow over this summer’s Aarhus concert

It seemed like an internet rumour at first, but now it has been confirmed that Axel Rose will be taking Brian Johnson’s place as the lead singer of AC/DC for their upcoming ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour, the reaction has been swift from many Danish fans.

The band is scheduled to play at Ceres Park in Aarhus on June 12 – a show that sold 46,000 tickets in 35 minutes. Now, many of those fans are demanding their money back, saying that AC/DC with Axel Rose up front is not what they paid for.

Promoter offering “information”
Facebook user Birgitte Risum Hansen wrote on Facebook: “I assume I will hear soon about how I can get my money back for the AC/DC concert.”

Another user said: “This is not what I paid for.”

Concert promoter Live Nation has told fans that they can get in touch for information if they are “dissatisfied”, but it has not yet offered refunds.