Danish summer weather could be great – should it ever come

July and August could be stellar, but this week could actually bring sleet in some places

Long-term predictions from national weather service DMI project there could actually be a summer in Denmark this year, which comes as a surprise to those who have been waiting for spring to start.

Sunshine and temperatures of around 10 degrees at the beginning of this week will give way to cloudy skies and rain and even the chance of sleet in some places by this coming weekend. There is even a chance of weekend frost overnight in some places.

Summer’s on the way  no, really
However, DMI’s long-term prognosis says that this summer’s weather will be warmer than normal from May until August.

The DMI website also says that rainfall during the period will be normal or slightly below normal – especially in June and July. Temperatures could be on average a full degree above normal throughout the period.

Above average temperatures could kick in as early as the start of May and continue for the rest of the summer.

“A high pressure system will build up west of the country starting in June, resulting in a dominant northwesterly or northerly airflow over the country, creating the opportunity for a dry and sunny period,” wrote DMI.

A guessing game
The high pressure system could stay in place throughout July and the warm and sunny conditions could continue.

Meteorologist Frank Nielsen stressed that long-term forecasts are subject to great uncertainty.

“We look at very advanced weather and climate models and create forecasts,’ Nielsen told Ekstra Bladet. “We cannot predict whether it will be 12 or 18 degrees one day or the other, but we can take a look at trends like high and low pressure systems. Things can change.”

Nielsen said that the unstable spring weather is likely to continue.

“If you had asked me a week ago, I would have said that the next week will be really nice, but now it is not looking as good as we had hoped.”

Nielsen said that consistently warmer and more stable weather may still be a fortnight away.