Business News in Brief: Nordea boycott a possibility

In other news, Danske Spil could be sold

Danish municipalities considering boycotting Nordea over Panama Papers
Several municipalities are considering terminating partnerships with Nordea after revelations in the Panama Papers showed that the bank has helped customers to establish tax havens.

It could be hard for the municipalities to drop Nordea because the bank has contracts with the towns involved.

Frederiksberg is among the municipalities examining whether to discontinue working with the Nordic financial institution.

“If it is true that Nordea has contributed to tax fraud, I do not think Frederiksberg should use them,” deputy mayor Michael Vindfeldt told DR Nyheder.

Denmark selling state-owned online gambling business
The Danish government is considering selling the state-owned Danske Spil betting operation.

It was revealed last week that the government was mulling a sale of Danske Spil’s online gambling operations, including its online betting, poker and casino business, while holding onto the state lottery business.

Estimates say that the state could earn up to 4 billion kroner from the sale.

Some politicians are opposed to the sale, questioning whether the amount netted from the sale would be as much as what Danske Spil earns the state every year.

Danish businesses want IT classes in public schools
The demand for computer specialists has led to the Danish business community asking for more public school students to start learning IT as part of their regular classes.

Business groups Dansk Industri and Dansk Erhverv call it a “major problem” that most students do not receive instruction in IT unless they choose to study it at university.

There are currently 3,000 IT jobs standing vacant in Denmark, and that figure is expected to grow.

Ryanair still hasn’t paid fine due family
Travel authority Trafik og Byggestyrelsen has ordered Ryanair to pay 8,000 kroner to a family whose plans were damaged by the company’s decision to close its Billund operations over a month ago, but the family is still waiting.

When 16 members of the Kristensen family could not travel to Crete as scheduled, Ryanair offered other flights. The family asked the company to instead pay the difference for more expensive tickets that matched their travel plans, and Trafik og Byggestyrelsen decided that the family was entitled to partial compensation.