Deer running amok in Denmark

Wild stag smashes into hospital in the middle of staff lunch break

A herd of wild red deer wreaked havoc in the west Jutland town of Holstebro on Tuesday.

Mid and West Jutland Police reported that several deer were running around the city centre. At midday, a large stag smashed through a window next to the main entrance at the hospital in Holstebro.

“The animal came running into the hospital area and crashed through a window,” hospital spokesperson Merete Friis Jeppesen told BT.

“Fortunately, there was no-one near the window, but the deer then ran into a break room were the staff were eating lunch. There was a bit of confusion because nobody was quite sure exactly what was happening.”

Run, run Rudolph
The deer then ran and jumped back out through the same window.

Randers Amtsavis reported that a staff member was slightly injured during the encounter with the deer.

A man visiting a relative at the hospital told the newspaper that the deer looked “crazy with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and it was bleeding from one antler”.