Denmark sowing food and agriculture seeds with South Africa

Danish tech and expertise could give growing sector in SA a huge boost

The food and agriculture minister, Esben Lunde Larsen, met with his South African counterpart Senzeni Zokwana in Copenhagen yesterday in an effort to secure a food and agriculture co-operation between the two nations.

A prospective deal could lead to the export of Danish food products, technology and knowledge to South Africa worth an estimated 120 billion kroner annually.

“Denmark wants to increase trade regarding food and farming animals with South Africa,” said Larsen. “Additionally, our water and agriculture technology can help improve the efficiency of soil, crops and farm animal production in a nation challenged by a difficult climate.”

“The Danish agriculture industry is highly developed and specialised, and I, as a minister, am very proud to be able to enlighten other countries.”

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SA eyeing growth
South Africa’s consumption of food products is expected to rise by 20-40 percent by 2050, and Danish technology and expertise could alleviate the water and energy challenges the nation’s agriculture sector faces.

Denmark already contributes by educating South African farmers at Dalum Landbrugsskole agriculture school located in Odense.