Justice minister wants to send foreign criminals in Danish prisons abroad

Søren Pind believes this can be done if the country buys access to cells in foreign prisons

The justice minister, Søren Pind, hopes to push through measures that would allow Denmark to deport its foreign criminals and to make them serve their prison sentences abroad.

The government’s proposal would involve it buying access to prison cells in foreign prisons in order to achieve this, reports Berlingske.

Buying access
Foreign inmates account for 27 percent of the prison population in Denmark – something the justice minister considers unfair.

Both respect and fairness are violated. I do not think that’s in order, and we simply have to reinvent the game,” he told Berlingske.

We can send a signal to criminals and gangs that the days are over when they can hope to get a free stay in a Danish prison with corresponding seasonal work when they make money illegally.”