DABGO: Danes connecting worldwide ‘professionally’

The network started back in 2006 by Jesper Løvendahl in New York and a year later joined by Dan Trampedach.

Danes Abroad Business Group Online (DABGO),is a network of over 10,000 members spread all over the world. The members are mostly from Danish origin but they have been living abroad almost all their lives working as professionals, who get themselves connected through local meetings with Danes residing around, and support in regional sharing of ideas and opportunities.

The network started back in 2006 by Jesper Løvendahl in New York and a year later joined by Dan Trampedach who co-founded the organization. Both of them set to seek engaging professional workers network who undertake activities either voluntarily or at reduced prices as public service in contrast to traditional charitable work.

DABGO members comprises mostly professional people who take their time out once a month in an informal gathering at a local business or casual place and meet with common interest to “network”. The organization is similar to “Rotary” or “Lionsclub” who perform community development, social engagement and economic stability through global professionals working together.

In Denmark, the group meets every first Wednesday of the month, in which the information is shared across the network platform through community newsletter. DenmarkNews.dk was invited by the Mikkel Elsborg, who manages mostly the activities from the network in Denmark and founder “Jesper Løvendahl” from Florida at one of  their monthly gatherings which they call “Stambord”.

DABGO members at Strambord meeting held in Copenhagen @Scandic Hotel Palace

During the meetings at Copenhagen, the event is usually attended by ten to twenty people, all of whom have lived abroad for more than ten years of their professional career. Most of the time, people at the gathering are meeting for the first time and in next three hours they become good friends by sharing their stories, ideas and opportunities from their lives.

Greater Copenhagen post aims to collaborate with DABGO network to connect with international communities living in Denmark and Sweden to strengthen the bridge of exchange of culture, empathy and innovation in future lifestyles.

The collaboration aims to engage other networks like Makesense, CollabCamp, NordicSocap, Impact Journeys and Edgeryders in taking initiatives towards solving social issues for anyone around the world.