Copenhagen nature area facing development plans

Part of Amager Fælled sectioned off to become new district

Amager Fælled is set to be reduced in size following the decision of the city and port developers By & Havn to convert a portion of the urban nature area in south Copenhagen into residences.

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By & Havn revealed that a competition to find an architect for the project had been launched and five architectural teams had already started working on potential masterplans for the Amager Fælled District, located just north of Vejlands Allé and the Bella Center convention centre.

The teams have until June 27 to deliver their proposals for the competition, and the winner will be unveiled in October.

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Up in arms
But the decision to develop some 40 hectares of the nature area on Amager Fælled in the capital has not gone down smoothly with many Copenhageners.

“Who wants to live in a stone desert? It’s now or never if we want to conserve Copenhagen’s nature,” Tommy Petersen, the head of Radikale party at City Hall, wrote on Twitter.

“It’s completely crazy to build 2,500 homes on Amager Fælled in Copenhagen. It must be stopped.”