International News in Brief: Copenhagen extends help to Beirut

In other news, Danish food is making inroads to the US and China, while a Danish airline is teaming up with British Airways

Copenhagen has offered to help the Lebanese capital of Beirut, which is under serious duress due to the ongoing refugee crisis. Initially, City Hall will send a delegation to Lebanon next month to investigate the potential possibilities. The Danish assistance will primarily focus on water, waste and energy solutions for a city struggling with scores of issues, from lacking electricity to mountains of rubbish and congested streets.


Food portal in China
A Danish food portal scheduled to launch in China on June 1 is expected to boost Danish companies operating in the Chinese food sector. The portal, which is online and will run for six months, is being established by the Danish Export Council in China. The portal will help Danish companies crack some of the challenges faced when entering the massive and potentially intricate Chinese market.


Porkers heading to the US
A new Danish project involving pigs being raised completely without the use of antibiotics has attracted some attention from the US. An increasing number of Americans avoid meat sourced from animals reared on antibiotics. The project, launched by Danish Crown and named OUA ‘Opdrættet uden antibiotika’ (‘raised without antibiotics’), originally started with five farms on Bornholm. A further 17 in north Jutland then joined, and there are now 70 in total.


Airline sets up in Germany
Danish airline Sun-Air of Scandinavia has revealed it will focus hard on the German market in the future. The airline will base two planes at City Airport Bremen, from where a number of European routes will be serviced. Billund-based Sun-Air will fly out of Bremen on behalf of British Airways. The prospective routes currently being looked at include destinations in the UK, Switzerland, France and Germany.