Malmö honoured for its sustainable infrastructure

EU Commision praises the Øresund city for its ambitious traffic strategy

The EU Commission has applauded Malmö’s sustainable traffic infrastructure, naming it as the top performing country in the region for 2016.

The Swedish city won the commission’s Sustainability Urban Mobility Planning Award thanks to its clear goals for traffic development and because it considers the accessibility of people with a variety of social backgrounds.

“A clear image is beginning to emerge about what we are trying to do regarding our traffic and urban area in Malmö,” said Milan Obradovic, a Malmö municipal board member. “We are inclusive – it’s all about improving the quality of life for more people.”

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Malmö’s traffic and mobility plan has been developed over three years and taken inspiration from several other European nations.

Delegates representing the Øresund city received the award in Brussels from Karmenu Vella, the EU commissioner for maritime affairs and fisheries, and Henrik Hololei, the head of DG Move, the EU Commission’s directorate-general for mobility and transport.

Spanish city Murcia was also commended for taking steps to promote more active methods of travel, such as walking and cycling.