Opening of Tivoli’s new ride delayed indefinitely

Fatamogana not ready to rock its Gs just yet

Tivoli’s latest attraction, the Fatamogana, was scheduled to be opened for the press tomorrow and for the general public on Thursday.

However, the amusement park announced today that the opening of the ride will be postponed indefinitely.

“We are disappointed,” said Tivoli’s spokesperson Torben Plank. “Our supplier is not ready to entrust us with the ride as agreed.”

Plank said that, “everything should run, everything must work, and everything must be thoroughly checked before the supplier can deliver the ride to Tivoli, and they have not been able to do so. It would be deeply irresponsible for us to open it, so we will not do so right now.”

Fatamorgana features a 45 meter tall tower and combines three rides in one. There is mini-version of the bumper cars at the ground level.

On the next level, guests are seated in a ring with their back towards the centre and slung around while being propelled at up to 2.5 Gs as the floor-less ride rotates around the tower.

There is also a more moderate version of the air ride, which spins more slowly and allows guests to enjoy the scenery.

No date yet
Plank said that Tivoli was not informed until this morning that the 3-in-1 ride was not ready to go, and he could not say as yet when the ride may be ready.

“That depends on how serious the problem is,” he said. “We have a lot of German technicians looking at it. It could take a short time, but if it turns out that the problem is severe, it may take longer.”

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Plank said that an announcement would be made as soon as the ride is ready to open.