Rolling in from the deep to set fire to the rain

Alex James
April 29th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

In May a global icon is coming to town. Officially the most popular act in the world, Adele is now so popular you really have to ask whether the tickets to her shows are too cheap. They sell out in next to no time, and weeks later are being snapped up for over ten times the initial cost.

Since her first album release eight years ago, she has spent four years and nine month in the UK Top 40. Her accolades and records go on and on, but behind all these is a once in a generation voice.

The global phenomenon has built her success upon a truly joyful mix of heartbreak and relationship failure. The combination of exquisite ballads and her soulful vocals is a recipe that Adele has perfected, culminating in her latest album 25.

While it lacks the flare found on her previous work – the likes of barnstorming hits like ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – the album has been a storming success.

Few artists can lay claim to Adele’s seemingly endless list of awards. These include ten Grammys, eight Brits, two Ivor Novellos and an Oscar for her James Bond song ‘Skyfall’.

But before anyone reaches for the lifetime achievements awards, it should be remembered she is only 27.

Tickets for this concert are currently sold out. If any fall into your hands, it is strongly advised you take them and run, as it will surely be years before this opportunity comes again in Copenhagen.


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